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Created on September 12 , 2014 @ 04:40 AM GMT

Epic Yahki upgrade features - September 2014

The latest version of Yahki just went live. You’ll notice as soon as you log in – improvements to both the school/campus channel and the general public areas, all based on feedback from people like yourself. Learning, teaching and global village engagement through Yahki is now more natural, thanks to user feedback. Here are the highlights:

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    • 1.       Upload pics in one click

      Users can now upload pictures and other media straight to their channel or public Yahki portfolio. You no longer need to go via Flickr or other hosting services, though you still can. You can now also:

      • Add text to the pic as you upload it
      • Drag and drop your annotated pics (in the new “Uploads” folder) straight to your Stories or add them to Sets
      • Followers can like and/or collect your uploaded pics – just like your other items – again just in the channel or in public Yahki.

    • -

      This picture was uploaded to Yahki in one click, then dragged onto this story from the "Uploads" folder in the Compose screen.

    • 2.       Filter your Items (now called Collections) better

      Now you can filter yours or other users' items to  see just the texts written by the user. There’s a new text only filter icon (see in the screenshot below). This means teachers (and students) can more quickly see evidence of a learner’s writing development over time – a good way to open up important literacy discussions with students. Where else can you or your students see and assess samples of a student’s writing over time?

    • -

      Note the new 'filter by author's own text' icon in the filter tool panel. Also note the ability to filter other items according to the Websites in which the items were collected.

    • 3.       Introducing the much improved Social Media Locker

      For improved curation, mashing and sharing:

      • See all your tweets and favorite tweets in dedicated Yahki streams
      • See all your own YouTube videos and Playlists
      • See your Flickr photos
      • More easily drag from all the above (and you Uploads) to create Yahki mashups.

    • -

      The new Media Locker allows you to view your content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. You can then drag and drop content to your stories or Collections (Sets). Yahki brings it all together - the killer mashup tool.

    • 4.       Improved searching

      We heard you!

      • Yahki now searches according to whether you are in Public or Channel Yahki
      • Searches now look up tags and all text, not just Story headings
      • Search no longer bumps you or students from the Channel to results in Public Yahki.

      Why not try a couple of randon searches above now to see how vast the content flowing across the global Yahki community is. Following feedback, we have included a whole series of content when you search "FAQ", "Tutorial" or "how to".

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    • What's coming next?

      They are the main updates. Thanks to all who provided feedback. Meanwhile, the Yahki Team is pressing on with the next round of enhancements in areas such as:

      • Improving the Student-Teacher Interaction (STI) in the channel “Task” flow
      • Improving the flexibility to for schools to ‘promote’ student work to Class, Year/Grade and/or School Pages in the channel.

      We look forward to your ongoing feedback. Best wishes to our friends in the Northern Hemisphere as you begin the new academic year with Yahki!

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      Now we are working to enhance student-teacher interaction tools within Yahki.

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