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Created on April 21 , 2014 @ 07:11 PM GMT

New Poem Series

I am trying something new with my poetry. I am trying to incorporate other languages into my poetry.

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    • The three songs I have posted were what I was listening to when these poems came to mind I have posted them in the order of which poem they go with try listening to them while reading the poem. 

    • The 3 poems are titled Runaway Child, Come Child, and Welcome Child. Put together these tell the story of a child whom is abused and at first God is in the small child's head telling him to runaway, find the angel that Jesus has sent after him and he will take him to freedom. Then once the child is with the Angel Jesus is telling the child come to me, you will be free, you won't be abused anymore, your 9 lives are gone then at the end the child is walking into the gates of heaven where Jesus is waiting where he welcomes the child and he makes sure that the child knows that there is no more pain, he is free, and he should feel joy.

    • The Real Group-Words Details

      April 21 , 2014 @ 07:11 PM GMT
    • Runaway Child 

      ©Alexandra Weir 

      Runaway child, Essi non si cura

      (Runaway child, they do not care)

      Runaway child, Il dolore si fermerà

      (Runaway child, the pain will stop)

      Runaway child, Non sarà più un abuso

      (Runaway child, you will not be abused anymore)

      Runaway child, Un angelo ti troverà

      (Runaway child, an angel will find you)

      Runaway child, L'angelo ti aiuterà

      (Runway child, an angel will help you)

      Runaway child, L'angelo vi renderà liberi

      (Runaway child, the angel will set you free)

      Runaway child, L'angelo vi porterà a incontrare Gesù

      (Runaway child, the angel will take you to meet Jesus)

      Runaway child, Eseguire bambino piccolo

      (Runaway child,  run small child)

    • Save A Place For Me - Matthew West Lyrics Details

      April 21 , 2014 @ 08:02 PM GMT
    • Come Child

      ©Alexandra Weir 

      Come child, non c'è bisogno di ferire più

      (Come child, you don’t have to hurt anymore)

      Come Child, solo a piedi nelle porte del cielo (Come child, just walk into the gates of heaven)

      Come Child, non ci sono più rischi

      (Come child, there are no more risks)

      Come Child, è il tuo momento (Come child, it’s your time) Come Child, essere privo di dolore

      (Come child, be free of pain)

      Come Child, c'è tanto da guadagnare (Come child, there’s so much to gain)

      Come Child, sarete trattati come l'oro (Come child, you’ll be treated like gold)

      Come Child, non sarai mai male   (Come child, you will never be hurt)

      Come Child, non sarà abusato più (Come child, you won’t be abused anymore)

      Come Child,  le vostre 9 vite sono fino (Come child, your 9 lives are up)

      Come Child, prendere il tuo ultimo respiro (Come child, take your last breath)

      Come Child,   cosa stai aspettando? (Come child, what are you waiting for?)

      Come Child, non meriti il dolore (Come child, you don’t deserve the pain) Come Child, Non abbiate paura, mi occuperò per te

      (Come child; don’t be scared, I will care for you)

      Come Child, dire addio (Come child, say goodbye)

    • Brian Crain - Dream Of Flying Details

      April 21 , 2014 @ 08:03 PM GMT
    • Welcome Child

      ©Alexandra Weir 

      Welcome Child, si sente la gioia? (Welcome Child, do you feel the joy?) Welcome Child, Benvenuti in paradiso

      (Welcome Child, Welcome to heaven)

      Welcome Child, Niente più rischio (Welcome Child, No more risk)

      Welcome Child, celebrare (Welcome Child, celebrate)

      Welcome Child, Il dolore per più (Welcome Child, no more pain)

      Welcome Child, siete liberi (Welcome Child, you are free)

      Welcome Child, sei bella (Welcome Child, you are beautiful)

      Welcome Child, non più lividi (Welcome Child, no more bruises)

      Welcome Child, vite eterne (Welcome Child, everlasting lives)

      Welcome Child, respirare l'aria fresca (Welcome Child, breath the fresh air)

      Welcome Child, perché si sta in piedi qui? (Welcome Child, why are you standing here?)

      Welcome Child, c'è molto da fare (Welcome Child, there is much to do)

      Welcome Child, Io sono qui per voi (Welcome Child, I am here for you)

      Welcome Child, benvenuto bambino piccolo (Welcome Child, welcome small child)

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