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Created on February 17 , 2014 @ 01:07 PM GMT

'SMILE' workshop at UNESCO

An excellent workshop was held at UNESCO's Paris headquarters today as part of Mobile Learning Week. SMILE is a program developed by Seeds of Empowerment, a not-for-profit organisation working with Stanford University and hub schools in different parts of the world.

At the heart of SMILE, students learn by developing questions and collaborating to answer and evaluate them. Version 2.0 is in development.

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    • LEARNING TO SMILE 101:MOBILE TECHNOLOGY AND TEACHING FOR INQUIRY-BASED LEARNING<br/><br/>Participants will gain hands-on experience with the technology, pedagogy, and real-time assessment capability behind Seeds of Empowerment’s program SMILE (Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment). SMILE is not only a mobile tool, but a means for transforming pedagogy within existing curriculum across all content areas. SoE seeks to equip teachers through mobile learning to create a space for students to become active agents of their own learning by actually doing the work of creating questions, leading to deeper learning and more critical thinking. SMILE was originally developed for the world’s most remote, underserved areas. Our SMILE Plug provides a private classroom cloud for up to 60 mobile devices. It’s said a smile can change the world. BYOD and come learn to SMILE with us! <br/><br/>Presenters: Neha Taleja | Lisa Griffin

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    • Discussion points included:

      • The option of the SMILE Plug 'classroom mini server' for schools that are not online all the time, yet seek a local cloud experience for learners
      • Plans for open-ended question support. The current software only supports multiple choice items
      • Teacher development to shift the teacher role from asking questions to a more Socratic, inquiry-based model where students ask and share questions.
      • Student evaluation of the quality of questions and teachable moments
      • Pros and cons of the multiple choice genre - efficiency vs. the relative ease of higher-order inquiry questions possible through planned open-ended questions. Real-time analytics be possible with open-ended questions, but what will that look like?

      We look forward to seeing SMILE grow.

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      February 17 , 2014 @ 01:23 PM GMT

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