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Created on October 26 , 2013 @ 07:53 AM GMT

9 ways Yahki is unique in edtech

How is Yahki t different to what's already out there? More importantly, why is Yahki an powerful tool for students and teachers?

Yahki breaks many assumptions about the use of social media and learning environments. Yahki sets the cat amongst the pigeons in the LMS, education portal, and VLE space. Here are nine big differentiators.

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    • 1. No need to wait for Yahki

      Only with Yahki can students (and teachers) create and develop free ePortfolio accounts and use Yahki before their school or college’s decision to adopt the Yahki education channel, the 'walled-garden community Yahki'. So create your Yahki account now. There's a free option!

      2. It's for keeps

      Only Yahki follows the learner for life. Yahki treats learners as people, not course attendees. With Yahki, students keep their account including their curated, mashed content and their learning network after they graduate, regardless of whether the subsequent learning institution adopts Yahki. Yahki travels with the learner when they leave the institution or transfer institutions. Other offerings only follow the institution, not the learner, knee-capping portability.

      Furthermore, the Yahki toolset and environment is accessible and valuable to learners of all ages, whether in school or higher education settings. That's rather unique!

      3. I can wear my school hat and my not school hat in one online account!

      Only in Yahki can users wear multiple hats with the one account, being members of multiple school/campus channels as well as part of the global public Yahki stream. Yahki provides a safe, ring-fenced education channel for every school or campus in the world while in parallel providing users a Public 'open to the world' Yahki experience, like what I am sharing with you now! Each user, whether a teacher, student, parent or guest, can curate, mash and share inside the school channel or, if more appropriate, in the Yahki public domain, without reference to the school or campus, in one click. Check it out in the video below:

    • Yahki education channel Details

      October 26 , 2013 @ 08:26 AM GMT
    • 4. A Super ePortfolio

      Only Yahki provides students (and teachers) the curation, mashup, blogging, ePortfolio, sharing and networking tools of public social networks like Pinterest, Storify, Learnist, Instagram and blogs. The Yahki toolset is so much deeper - it's the 'Swiss army knife' of social media learning tools. Yahki is the one social media toolset schools won't want to block!

      Your Yahki super ePortfolio is so much more than thumbnails, texts and pictures. Get into super portfolio mode, filtering portfolio content you create or follow. For example, as a teacher you can see just the text a student has written over time to assess the student's writing development. Or perhaps you are looking at a peer's Yahki ePoertfolio and you really like something you see - you can collect items  and add them to your ePortfolio too (and the creator's work remains in tact). You can see all the sources in a particular student's portfolio.

      At the same time, Yahki provides the important elements of school or campus environments like Edmodo or Moodle, such as:

      • Student/teacher/peer/group/class relationships
      • School or campus community Yahki intranet tools
      • Task or assignment setting tools and student submission tools
      • Formative assessment, discussions, teacher, peer and self assessment tools
      • Subject and interest folders for every user
      • School or campus admin (Channel Manager) tools
      • Student and teacher notification tools.

    • Yahki :: Explore user&'s stories on Yahki

      Yahki :: Explore user&'s stories on Yahki

    • 5. Yahki Media Locker - your personal Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Youtube media content dances with your Yahki toolset like no other

      Only Yahki Media Locker enables you to sync your selected personal Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr media with your Yahki curation, mash up, publishing and sharing tools. Drag and drop your latest, or not so latest, social media content straight onto your Yahki story. Whether in the Education or Public Yahki channel, users have a totally integrated social media and learning environment.   Yahki is so integrated that you can reply, favourite, comment and like Tweets and Facebook posts from your Yahki page. Alternatively, you can add Yahki-only comments to Facebook posts and tweets. How cool is that!

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      Celebrating #CEM13 as schools/colleges join #Yahki from UK, Kuwait, USA and Australia. Lifelong portfolio, flip & mash tools, free #edchat

    • 6. Truly international

      Yahki supports virtually every language and is a true global social network in its own right - both in the education only domain and in the public domain. Teachers can connect with schools and campuses across the globe. Yahki enables users to comment on each or any item in a student’s (or teacher's) mashup. Users can collect ideas, not just pictures. Users can build a following in the Public and Channel domains.   

      7. Yahki is free, no ads either!

      Yahki accounts are free with the complete toolset. There are also a free and premium channel options. See

      8. Yahki is simple to use

      "Yahki is as easy as siging up to Facebook or Twitter, actually, you can sign up using Facebook or Twitter! No training of teachers required."

      Yahki education channel only takes minutes to set up - no school visits by account managers, developers, or trainers. It just works on all the main browsers and computer platforms, even portable devices.

    • 9. A great presentation tool

      Yahki is a great presentation tool. Add all your presentation media to your Yahki story. Tweet the presentation to the audience in two clicks. Obtain instant feedback and dialogue on each element of your presentation real time. Alternatively, provide a non-linear presentation by browsing items in your sets. See an actual presentation example below:

    • Learner analytics - friend or foe? | Mark Lamont :: Yahki

      Yahki :: Mark Lamont, my new stories on , Learner analytics - friend or foe?
    • 10. Goes beyond uploading Word docs and PowerPoints to a Website for comments

      We said 9, but there is a 10th Yahki differentiator.

      There's more to Edtech these days than students creating and uploading Word and PowerPoint assignments to a Website. That was last century. Office applications have a role, they're great tools, but we know there's more. Yahki takes us into the 21st Century enabling students, teachers, anyone to create their assignments as dynamic mashups (like this one, by the way, click on this paragraph to see what happens) rather than static file attachments. Yahki brings the assignment and assessment process to life. Learning is enhanced as authentic collaboration and feedback is more constant, not just tacked on at the end or around the edges. Set up your free school or campus channel today at the link below. It only takes a few minutes: 

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