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Created on June 06 , 2013 @ 01:44 PM GMT

Learner analytics - friend or foe?

This visual narrative of research conducted by World Mosaic for NSW TAFE is adapted from the TAFENSW VLE Showcase presentation to TAFE delegates in June 2013.

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      @TAFENSWVLE2013 is the Twitter tag

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    • Add your comments throughout the narrative below. This narrative can also be tweeted.

    • the learning journey

      The VLE Conference theme

      the learning journey

    • the learning journey through

      The VLE learning journey could be interpreted more like this at the data level as technology collects and throws off more and more data about learners and their learning.

      the learning journey through

    • TAFE managers often cited what could be called 'data blindness' -  so much data out there, but a lack of 'here and now' actionable  information. As one said, "We need to spend less time working from data about students who have left TAFE, and more time on those who are still here."

    • blind manager

      "We have to do a lot of digging." "We need actionable information, not loads of data."

      blind manager

    • Now we have a Learner Analytics Framework - a key element of the VLE Framework, and a blueprint for TAFE's journey going forward.

      Click on "TAFE" immediately below to view the TAFE Learner Analytics interactive media presentation.

    • TAFE
    • LA Framework 2

      LA Framework 2

    • completion bw

      Completions have always been an important metric. The approach of Smart and Skilled makes it more important than ever. Learner analytics is timely.

      completion bw

    • A video below by George Siemens, introducing concepts of learning analytics.

    • Intro to Learning Analytics Details

      June 06 , 2013 @ 03:16 PM GMT
    • SagaMilena @SagaMilena

      Great Learning Analytics Infographic! via @inform_ed

    • Goals identified in an April 2013 UK DfE report on data analytics (Roger Plant). 

    • UK goals

      UK goals

    • Learning analytics

      Learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of ...
    • UK quote

      UK quote

    • Mastrogiacomo expansive learning

      Learner analytics is driven by good (or bad) learning design and pedagogy. So it can be friend or foe. Consider applying Mastrogiancomo's strategy model to learning...

      Mastrogiacomo expansive learning

    • Strategy Grand Tour

      This presentation was part of a workshop held at Arvetica. It is a general introduction to strategic thinking for those unfamiliar with the field and guides thr
    • Dashboard Purdu

      The Learner Analytics Report features reviews of a range of learner analytics dashboards, including this more holistic example by Pardo.

      Dashboard Purdu

    • Learning analytics

      Learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of ...
    • Learner analytics is more than collecting data about Moodle logins, Webinar attendance or assignment submission...the following examples show a range of new data sources to inform learning design and intervention.

    • SNAPP dashboard

      Analysing learning network - how do learners interact with peers and who is on their own?

      SNAPP dashboard

    • Evidence hub

      Evidence Hub - Analysing learners' engagement in discussions and debates - beyond counting clicks. Report Section 5.2.11

      Evidence hub

    • Buckingham Shum ELLI

      Refer to Buckingham Shum and ELLI (Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory).

      Buckingham Shum ELLI

    • Data about a student's meta-cognition and course aspirations in week 2 can be more powerful than a test score in week 8. 

    • OU concept

      New dashboards create a view of the learner - not just course compliance.

      OU concept

    • SAM dashboard

      TAFE students said they wanted to be measured against the goals they negotiated, not just measured against other students. Report page 92.

      SAM dashboard

    • eaSTTle2

      e-AsTTle formative learner analytics on a national scale.


    • eASTTle 1

      Qualitative data for learner analytics.

      eASTTle 1

    • moodle analytics and recommendations block

      Micro, predictive analytics - recommending priorities to students.

      moodle analytics and recommendations block

    • Moodle block traffic lights

      Moodle Engagement Analytics Plug-in. A place to start for many campuses. Refer to Section 5.2.6

      Moodle block traffic lights

    • Course Signals

      Course Signals also provides a 'traffic light' dashboard based on test and assignment scores, timely submissions and attendance.

      Course Signals

    • Gismo dashboard

      Gismo dashboard

      Gismo dashboard

    • macro dash

      New skins for typical demographic data...more important at the macro than micro scale?

      macro dash

    • UWF RTI process

      University of West Florida intervention process. Section 5.3. You can have the best information in the world, but...

      UWF RTI process

    • students

      The TAFE Focus Groups: What Students, Teachers and Managers said they wanted in learner analytics solution.


    • Starting with a blank canvas...

    • monitor2


    • First, from the students...

    • Dropbox - Student_focus_group_infographic TAFE.png

      Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!

    • ipad goals

      ipad goals

    • poke tafe2

      poke tafe2

    • iphone tafe app

      iphone tafe app

    • blitz guage2

      Students wanted an dashboard indication of their current overall progress at TAFE - as assessed by teachers and peers, and as compared to their negotiated goals.

      blitz guage2

    • Click the link below (Manager focus...) to see a TAFE student focus group infographc.

    • Manager focus group infographic
    • What teachers want...

    • Driving Miss Daisy and Her┬áData | on

      Teachers want all the data of importance to them in a dashboard. Click this image for a useful article on learning analytics dashboards.

      Driving Miss Daisy and Her Data | on

    • Click on the "_Manager_ focus group infographic link" to see a better resolution version of the "_Teacher_ focus group infographic below"

    • Manager focus group infographic
    • Teacher_focus_group_infographic3

      TAFE teacher focus group infographic. Go to the following site if the above infographic is not clear on your device:


    • What Managers want...

    • Photos: Airbus A380-861 Aircraft Pictures |

      Well, not really...

      Photos: Airbus A380-861 Aircraft Pictures |

    • manager focus group gif

      Go to the following site if this infographic is not clear on your device:

      manager focus group gif

    • Friend or foe?


      See Section 5.1.4. The literature cites the following issues with learning analytics:

      • Privacy
      • Hype and expectations
      • Computational and learning reductionism
      • Requirements gathering, product selection, implementation and management risks
      • Intervention disconnect
      • Other - student conditioning, alienation, diversion of focus.


      Excerpt from page 24:

      "Elias refers to the need to also avoid reductionism in the area of ‘big time analytics’. Entities like TAFE should, according to Elias, “carefully think about strategy, that is, ways of thinking about improving education”. Rather than automatically focusing on “a balanced scorecard method”, TAFE should adopt a ‘learning organisation’ perspective, that is, “adopt some kind of expansive learning philosophy.” (31) Elias offers the following schematic from Stefano Mastrogiacomo that illustrates some of the more expansive thinking required at this time to avoid data and learning design reductionism."

    • Mastrogiacomo expansive learning

      Mastrogianncamo's schematic is apt when considering the approach to learning and analytics. Analtyics needs to map to the desired learning paradigm, otherwise analytics can distort the learning approach in ways that are not intended or desired.

      Mastrogiacomo expansive learning

    • Friend?

      The case for a TAFE learner analytics solution:

      • Relatively low cost and high benefit, increasing TAFE completion rates to drive funding under new Smart and Skilled requirements
      • Relatively quick return on a relatively small investment
      • Differentiates TAFE as a responsive provider with enhanced completions and continuous improvements to learning designs and interventions.
      • The learner analytics recommendations are about far more than software –representing a  broader strategy to improve and build standards for pre-course orientations, learning design, assessment and reporting – all critical to TAFE’s goal to deliver a world-class learning experience
      • Leverages TAFE’s ongoing VLE investment
      • Proven technology exists to meet TAFE’s needs. Requirements have been gathered across TAFE Institutes and those requirements resonate with research and software industry trends.

    • Recommendations

      1. Develop a business case for an integrated TAFE learner analytics solution. The business case would set out the:

      - Software and system functions and business requirements

      - Envisaged software, integration, and infrastructure designs and standards of the proposed solution

      - Marketing differentiators

      - Operational/process and cultural implications at the micro, meso, and macro levels

    • 2. Solution criteria

      The solution should:

      -Focus on integration, visualisation, ease of use and actionable output, making links between existing or pending systems

      -Capture data regarding interventions that were triggered by initial learner analytics data

      - Each TAFE student should at the start of a course or Unit, develop a learning plan through an app or online template, setting out their goals/milestones. Guidelines should be established.

      -The learner analytics solution should be developed in stages with students, teachers and managers as key stakeholders  

      -The solution should provide students the opportunity to also enter new data regarding goal setting, student reflection and self-assessment

      -Collect qualitative evidence of learning in student ePortfolio and blog systems, including self-rating tools

      -Avoid over-baking algorithms in the initial stages  Learning analytics for blogs and social media have to be a part of the learning analytics solution development path

      -Avoid setting a goal of implementing piecemeal analytics software plug-ins.

    • 3. Analytics and accountabilities:

      -Avoid the US NCLB experience of using data collected through learner analytics as the primary means of driving accountability.

      -Instead, TAFE should address accountability through measures that ensure improved responsiveness to data that is presented through learner analytics and deliver improved completion rates.

      -Investigate and consider implementing a more authentic definition of “completion rate”

      4. Framework

      -Include some existing early adopters in future learning analytics developments

      -Formalise and promote a VLE learning design scaffold, set out in levels, say 1 to 5, so as to provide a standard for teachers to work toward in developing their learning design repertoire.

    • learning nsw

      learning nsw


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