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Kala's Story

Kala is a young girl in a family of gypsies. She has heard stories of the three Warrior Queens and has been inspired to become a warrior herself. As a girl of thirteen, she encounters many different obstacles that keep her home, away from the Queens that she so desperately wants to meet.

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    • I sat in front of my mother, her hands running through my long, red hair.  "But Mama, why can't I go see the Queens?" 

      "Kala, you know why you can't see the Queens.  They are very busy people," she replied.  

      I shifted and complained, "But Mama!  How am I supposed to become a warrior if I don't go see the Queens?"  

      "Darling, you're not going to become a warrior.  You are going to be a proper young lady." 

      "We are gypsies.  I'm never going to be a proper young lady," I told her sourly.  I felt her fingers tighten in my hair as she brushed it.  I had hurt her with that.  Mama loved Papa, but this life wasn't quite for her.  She wouldn't let me dress in the normal clothes.  I had to suffer long and heavy skirts, shawls, and floppy shoes. It made it hard for me to play with little Durril.  And Camlo wouldn't pay attention to me at all, anymore.  

      I missed playing with my brother, but his high and mighty attitude ruined everything.  Being sixteen, he believed himself old enough to ignore his siblings, instead spending his time with the adults.  My handsome older brother had outgrown us.  It fell to me to play with Durril.  The little four-year-old was so entergetic that I had a hard time keeping up with him.  

    • Saving people, hunting things, the family business

      Saving people, hunting things, the family business

    • "Mama, let go of my hair!  I wanna go hunting with Camlo and Papa."  I started to jump up, only to have Mama grab my arm.  

      "Proper ladies don't hunt," she scolded me, making me sit back down.  "Let me finish with your hair."  

      I twisted and turned, still trying to pull away.  "But Mama..."

      "No, I won't hear it.  You shall stay here and be with me.  Don't you want to be with your mother?" she asked me.  

      I looked down bashfully, feeling bad that I was wanting to leave her so much.  A good daughter would stay with her mother no matter what.  "I'm sorry, Mama.  I just want to have some fun."

      "Work on your embroidery.  That's fun.  Hunting should be left to the men."  

      "But Mama..."  


      I sighed and tried not to fidget while Mama finished untangling my hair.  The camp started to rise and got busy packing up.  We would be moving on from Bruxea into Luxiele, where the three Warrior Queens ruled.  Mama put all of her pots and dishes into their bags, loading them onto the wagon.  The other families filled their own wagons, getting ready to leave.  I untied the horses from their grazing and hooked them up, patting their necks gently.  

      Once packed, I climbed into the back of the wagon on top of the bags.  Mama lifted Durril up and he clambered into my lap.  We sat waiting for Camlo and Papa to return from their brief hunting trip.  Once all of the men did return, they joined their families and started off.

      A few minutes into the bumpy ride, Durril piped up, "Mama sing the song!  Sing the song!"  

      "Of course, my love."  Mama's Talent was singing.  Her voice was the most beautiful I'd ever heard.  Durril loved her singing and that was how we passed the time on long trips.  Mama parted her lips and began to sing.   

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    • We crossed over the boarder into Luxiele a few hourse later.  I looked up from where I was laying on the bags of clothing.  "Maybe we will see the Warrior Queens!" I squealed.  

      Mama looked over at me, a frown playing on her lips, but she didn't say anything.  Instead, Papa told me, "That would be magnificent."

      "Tell the story, Papa.  I love hearing the story!" I begged.

      "Well, Luxiele has only had Queens throughout its history.  Even then, Queen Gray, Queen Hope, and Queen Jenni are very different.  They weren't descended through the Royal line.  They were brought here from Earth into the Tunnels.  Managing to use their Elemental Talents, they escaped and flew over the mountains to Luxiele.  Queen Ana took them in and made them her heirs.  When the Evil One killed her, they took the throne and are now out to finish this war for good," Papa said in his melodic voice.

      "Tell about their Talents!  Their Weapons!" I pleaded with him.  

      "Yes, yes, be patient." Papa responded, flicking the reins on the horses.  "The Queens are powerful.  Most people only have one Talent, but they each have three.  Queen Gray has command over fire, telekinisis, and the hearing of a cat.  Queen Hope has dominion over water, the ability to teleport, and can smell as well as a dog.  Queen Jenni has control over air, is telepathic, and sight of a hawk.  The three balance each other out perectly."  

      "And their weapons," I blurted.  "Queen Gray has a bow, Queen Hope has a sword, and Queen Jenni has a Tool, not a Weapon.  Tools are so much rarer.  She has the Tool of battle-planning.  That's how they're going to win this war!  They're going to use all their combined Talents and the Talents in their army to win against the Evil One and restore peace to the land."  

    • Fire and Water by goRillA-iNK on deviantART

      Fire and Water by goRillA-iNK on deviantART

    • "That's very nice, dear.  I think that this topic has been warn through," Mama told us.  

      "But they are don't know!" I exclaimed.  "I want to join the army, find my Talent and Weapon, and fight at their side against the Evil One.  We will defeat him and return victorius to the gleaming City!"  

      Mama raised her eyebrows as Camlo let out a disgusted huff.  "Really, Kala.  You think the Queens would fight next to a little Gypsy girl?  We are beneath them.  They would never look at us twice."  

      "You're wrong, Camlo!  They are wonderful, kind, and smart.  They talk to everyone no matter what type of life they come from," I told him, a sinking feeling in my stomach.  

      He looked back at me, his golden hair gleaming.  "They are Queens.  Why would they pay attention to a sniveling child like you?"  

      "Because we are all important.  Life and Death treasure us all," I countered.  

      Mama looked at me sharply.  "The Goddesses Life and Death are a legend.  You know that they are not real.  The true gods are those that we have taught you about."  

      "Life and Death are real.  The Queens believe in them, and so do I."  

      "Kala, this fixation with the Queens of Luxiele is becoming unhealthy," Mama said to me worriedly.  

      Papa looked over at her and said, "Let the girl have her dreams.  They never hurt anything."  

      "Dreams can lead you astray from your true destiny that the gods have set for you," Mama replied.  

      "I don't believe in the gods.  I believe in Life and Death!" I complained.  

      "Enough!" Mama almost shouted.  She ran her fingers delicately though her hair.  "I think we should be stopping in the next town.  Tell the others, please."  

      "Stopping at the next town!" Papa shouted to the wagon behind us.  The message was carried down from wagon to wagon, until all knew the plan.  

      When a group of buildings sprung up from the trees in front of us, we slowed to search for the turnoff.   When we arrived near the edges of town, we carefully stopped and set up our tents.  People crowded in, ready to dance, sing, and shop some of our goods.  

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      Nine of Cups - igrab - Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms, Sherlock ...

    • The next morning, I got up and dressed myself in breeches and a shirt.  When Mama woke and looked over at me, displeasure colored her features.  "Kala, that is unappropriate garb for a young lady.  Change into your dress this instant."

      "Mama, I don't want to.  I want to be able to play with the others," I explained to her.  

      "You have the other young girls to play with.  That should be enough to keep you busy."  Mama stood up and started going through our packs, getting ready for the day.  

      I crossed my arms and tried to copy the look that she used with me when she had set her mind.  "They are no fun.  I want to play with the boys."  

      "Kala, do as I say!  Change into your dress," she said, her voice hard.  

      I glared at her, tired of being told what to do all of the time.  I turned my back to her and stalked out of our tent.  

      "Kala, get back in here right now!  I am your mother and you will listen to me."  She blew angrily out of the tent behind me, causing Camlo, Durril, and Papa looked up to us.  

      "Tell her, Papa!  Tell her I don't have to wear a dress!" I pleaded with him.  

      All he said was, "You should listen to your mother."  

      I turned to Camlo, tears starting to roll down my cheeks.  "Please?"  

      "Kala, you are a little girl.  Your understanding is limited."  He looked down his nose at me and I felt my heart break.  He had finally rid himself of me completely.  I turned from them and ran into the woods, crying.  Once far enough in that I could look back but not be seen, I stopped.  Sitting, I covered my face with my hands and sobbed.  I was tired of everyone trying to make me into someone who I wasn't.  

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    • Sounds of battle startled me from my crying.  I peered through the trees towards the town. Flames licked up the buildings, smoke blackening the sky.  I stumbled back towards our camp, worried about my family.  Branches whipped my face and tangled in my hair.  I was about to break from the cover of the trees when a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me back.  

      "Don't," a beautiful voice whispered.  It sound like spring and rushing water.  Like pain and light.  

      I swung around, looking for whomever stopped me, but found nothing.  "Where are you?  Who are you?" I cried out, trying to wipe the tears from my face.  

      "We have plans for you," another voice murmured.  This voice was deeper and darker.  It was of silence and darkness, of stillness and the falling of the leaves.  

      I searched the trees, trying to see where the voices came from, but saw nothing.  I was alone.  

    • The Voice by Celtic Women Details

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    • Giving up my search, I turned back towards camp.  Rugged men in armor were marching through it.  I saw my papa lift a club to fight them off with, but they quickly subdued him and tied my family up.  A father of one of my friends attacked another, cutting him across the face.  In a rage, the soldier stabbed him in the stomach.  Blood gushed through his fingers as he fell forward into the dirt.

      A giant spider, about six feet tall, stepped into the middle of the fray.  Its pinchers clacked together and it bit into another of my neighbors.  I slapped my hands over my mouth so as not to cry out.  The Arachnadians had come.  The terrible foe that the Queens of Luxiele so bravely opposed.   I couldn't imagine what it would be like to face something like that every day.  But they had to face it while an entire world rode in the balance.  

      "No," I whispered, horrified.  I couldn't bring myself to move.  I was too scared.  My hands shook and I curled up into a ball under a bush.  I closed my eyes tightly and placed my hands over my ears, trying to muffle the screams of the dying camp.  

    • A Fanciful Twist: Gypsy Nights + Ideas + You =

      A Fanciful Twist: Gypsy Nights + Ideas + You =

    • I woke up some time later and finally stood up.  My legs cramped and my back popped as I  straightened.  I momentarily forgot what happened and trotted back out into the camp.  When I looked out at the destruction, everything I witnessed came crashing back in.  Tears started streaming down my face again.  

      "Mama," I whimpered, touching our sooty tent.  I turned, looking down the path that they had taken and started walking after them.  I caught my foot on something and fell landing in a sticky and wet substance.  Rolling over, I realized that I had tripped over the limb of a man and fell into a pool of his blood.  

      I stiffled a shriek and scrambled to my feet.  Stumbling back a bit, I tried desperately to rationalize what I was seeing.  I could barely think through the fog of despair.  I fell, wrapping my arms around my legs and rocking myself.  "Mama," I cried again.  The last things we had said to each other were in anger.  I couldn't bear to think it might be the final time I ever spoke to her.  

      The clopping of hooves on the dirt made me swing around in fear.  The Arachnadians had come back for me.  They had come back to take me away and kill me.  

      Then a large, gray horse with speckles rounded the bend.  A man sat upon it a light leather breastplate and a sword dangling from his hip.  More men road behind him and I immediately noticed that they wore the colors of Luxiele.  I began crying again, but this time from relief.  The army had come to save me.  

      The man stopped his horse in front of me and swung down.  His image burned itself into my mind as my savior.  His hair was dark and cut short, his eyes even darker.  Crouching in front of me, he asked, "Are you alright, little girl?"  

      "Do I look alright?" I snapped, surprising myself with the tone I used.  

      "No, no you don't," he atoned.  "What happened here?"  

      "The Arachnadians came through and took my family.  They...they killed a lot of people and burned the village."  I looked at the ground and twisted my hands together nervously.  

      The man stood and looked back at his companions.  "Someone get this girl some clean clothing.  They're close.  We need to get moving before we run into them."  

      He swung up onto his horse and I looked up at him, shocked.  "You're not going to fight them?" I asked. 

      "Not today.  We have to pick our battles carefully," he explained to me and then trotted his horse past me.  A group of women that had been hanging behind the soldiers swarmed around me, stroking my hair and telling me what a poor, poor child I was.  I batted them away, not wanting to be reminded of my mama stroking my hair.  

      They helped me onto their wagon and started along the road.  I listened hard to what the man in front was saying, wanting to know where we were going.  

      "It's time we get back to them.  We've found quite a few civilians that can shelter in the Light Forest while we try to reclaim the City," he told the man nearest him.  

      The man laughed and responded, "Boy will the Queens be glad to see us!"  

      My breath caught in my chest and excitement drove away the pain.  I was going to see the Queens of Luxiele.  My dream had come true.  

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